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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The New Year is almost here!

Along with launching the new business name and labels under Wild Sense, I also decided to embark upon a Raw Food diet. Not a diet per se, but as a way of eating, period. Having too many problems with inflammation and joint pain to continue along the way I am. (Thanks, Dianne).

Here are a couple more pics of the new product "look" which have already been posted in my Facebook soaps album but for those who haven't yet seen them I'm reposting here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays

I finished with the new label design and have several fresh batches yummylicious whipped sugar body scrubs all ready for holiday gift sets. I used to make a denser version, but now I find that both my customers and my family prefer the lighter whipped formula. Too bad you can't quite see all the gorgeous label background detail in these pics. There's a soft leafy pattern on aged paper as a backdrop to everything else and in person they look even better. Hustling to get all my last minute holiday baskets made up and I'm already planning and starting batches for Valentine's Day. Wait til you see those!
On the family front, we're spending Wednesday making Yule Log cakes and I can hardly wait to decorate those. Meringue mushrooms, marzipan pinecones, holly & berries...what fun!! Check back because I'll post pics of those Wednesday night when they're done.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Look for Green Goddess Gal

Since the business name has changed to Wild Sense aromatics, it made sense to change the blog so I've just designed a whole new layout template for it. Ditto for a new label look for us; I really like this and want to publicly thank Bobbi Smith of Secret Garden Creations for the use of her lovely graphics that I've used liberally throughout the blog and my product label designs. I'll be featuring her on my GreenGoddessDesign blog, which is in the process of being birthed as well.
Now, after I take care of some health issues I will be working full time to get my new website up with new database features and CRE cart (finally), thanks to Lori at Dazzling Hosting.
**edit** I almost forget to mention the pretty Leafy Fae on my header was created by LadyAnne's Inspired Designz. Remember if you are looking to use any graphics from these scrapbooking sites, for anything other than personal scrapbooking use (ie for your combo personal and biz blog like this one, or a website, labels, or even to make a scrapbook, brochure, or blog for somebody else) then you MUST either buy graphics that are sold for CU, or get CU(commercial use) permission from the designers! Many of them sell CU items, but not all do. They will be clearly marked in the terms of use on each site. It can't get said too often- Don't be a pirate- these talented people deserve any and all recognition for what they do.

Friday, October 23, 2009

More Design fun, new Soaps, Crafty bliss!

I've been on yet another creative kick lately. Being sick has left me no choice but to sit with my laptop on the couch or in bed for hours, playing mostly with digital designs and honing my skills to work up to selling my designs at some point. I have such a blast working with PSP, I have Photoshop, but only on my desktop cpu and these days I seem to avoid that in favor of the trusty laptop that goes everywhere. I'm curious about other design programs, such as InDesign, so I'll be looking into that at some point. I'm sure to have a great time learning!

Soap has been on the back burner while ill, but I have plans to make some different cream soaps and I also need to get some richer winter skin creams ready as well. I have several new Winter themed soaps, and plan to make quite a few more batches this week. But, due to health constraints, I will only be doing one show in Nov and that will be the Litchfield Festival of the Trees. More about that even will be announced at a later date. I played last night with my Frostbitten soap pics (I plan to use these for holiday gifts) . I used a bunch of pretty elements from jtsDesigns Digital scrap collection, and I think I'm going to have to spend part of today making a Holiday soap album because this is so much fun to do. (thanks to and this wonderful designer

I have been so lax in taking pics of everything that alas, some of my prettiest soaps are gone and I'll have no visual record of them until I recreate them once again. LOL, that's like giving birth, so they will be back.

I had hoped that by this time I'd have my new soap biz launched and the whole new name and concept done, but after getting ill yet again, I decided to just sloooooow everything way down and just play. Now that I have taken all pressure off myself, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. The business can wait for me, and I'll get back into it at a later date. For now, I'll continue as always to make soaps and skincare for myself, family and friends and a couple of regular here and there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Delving into Digital Scrapbooking

I've been trying to do something with all of my family photos, so I have plans this winter to make albums and scan as many as possible so I can also make digital albums.
I found this nifty little site with a free scrapbooking program, I thought I'd try out, although I also use Paint Shop Pro. I'll see how I like it and post my results here at some point.

I've been exploring a lot of the digital scrap booking sites, such as Groovy Scraps, Scrap It Sassy, Scrapbook-Bytes, Scrappin' Digi Kreations, to name a few. Fun stuff this is.
There is a treasure trove of freebies as well as commercial use and designer scraps out there.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The planetary Meditations Aromatherapy line

Just wanted to remind all you mountain dwellers to visit the Celebrations Metaphysical Fair in Denver September 4, 5 & 6

Fri 1 pm - 9 pm
Sat 10 am - 7 pm
Sun 10 am - 6 pm

at the
Denver Merchandise Mart

and be sure to check out Holistic Mountain's new line of exclusive aromatherapy products created by GreenGoddess

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Planetary Meditations

As promised, here are some pics of my newest creation for my friend. I've done planet embedded soaps before, but I've never tried to make them quite as three dimensional and these just took my breath away when I cut them!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crystal Cluster Soaps

Several orders included my Crystal Soaps this month, so I've been making quite a few of these. I had offered these many years back and they weren't popular but suddenly there are quite a few sites out there selling something along these lines. However, I personally strive to create the look of a real mineral cluster, with striations, inclusions and even a bit of clay in the base. It's all about the layering which in fact can take as many as 5-6 pours for EACH soap. Are they labor intensive, yes! But they're each a work of art that I'm proud to show. The larger ones are made using a silicone mold, but I also make and hand cut other gem point chunks and will soon be offering those in my Etsy shop. Currently, I make Ruby, Amethyst, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Emerald, Clear Quartz and Celestite in the Crystal Cluster Soaps. My photography doesn't do these justice; their facets sparkle and shine when you're up close and personal. I am fervently hoping that people will buy these not only because they're decorative but because they will use them as soap! They're really not meant to stand on display for more than a month or two, since they're rich in glycerin and aloe which can seep if they are left unwrapped. UV light can also lead to some yellowing of the soaps, but alas, they are meant to be used up after all!

The next ones I'm offering will be Geodes. Again, each is handmade in layers, colored with micas, minerals, oxides and clays. I'm still in the designing process with these, and I must confess I'm a bit torn as to whether or not I should use some sort of half globe mold to pour the layers or if I should continue to mold and dip by hand. During the slower months of January and February, I will be putting up several soapmaking tutorials on this blog. Your comments and ideas are always welcome!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at some Planetary Soaps coming to this blog soon And for a real treat, try "The Planetary Meditations" 3 CD & Book Set By Michelle Many

This beautiful set of 14 journeys to the celestial bodies in our solar system will help to heal emotional and physical issues even old traumas and help to create new mind sets through cool stories that are set to smooth jazz. Michelle has skillfully integrated several healing modalities including planetary frequencies that will begin to resonate through our bodies and energy fields bringing us to a higher resonance thus causing us to create from a higher frequency where lower emotions and situations do not exist. Create with love and respect by simply pushing play and letting the healing begin.

(*edited and re-published due to spacing errors)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lavender Herb Beadwork

Well this is my first attempt at making beads with herbs (no clay) and I am thrilled with the outcome! I did buff them somewhat but not to a shine, as I wanted them as natural as possible.
With my next batch I'm going to see if I can use my pro bead roller to make the beads more uniform, since I'm not so hot with the freehand rolling. Too bad you all don't have Smell-o-Monitors because these babies smell utterly divine! Much thanks to Tina Sams of The Essential Herbal for the initial kit - buy yours here Herb Bead Making Kit and while you're there don't forget to subscribe to The Essential Herbal Magazine. I eagerly await my next one!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feeling Creative

Firstly, I have to show off my beautiful new Leaf business card holder and Leaf soap dish that I found on Etsy from Pinoak Pottery. Wonderful stuff! Look how cute my cards are in there! Be sure to check out her other wares ;)

I've been in a very creative kind of mood and have been playing around with making beads and jewelry from herbs. Yes herbs. First of all let me tell you I am on an amber kick and nothing smells better to me than a good amber blend. So with that in my head, my first thoughts were to just hot pierce some amber resin chunks and frankincense tears and make a necklace. Well, if you know me, you know there's nothing I enjoy more than reading and researching stuff, so, one thing led to another and before you know it I was experimenting with all kinds of herbal materials. Dug out an old book that I remembered seeing something about rose beads in. They had an excellent article on how to make rose petal beads (it's actually more like rose mush at first). Then I thought to myself, Self, you can do this with petals, and any other herbs that smell good if they're powdered first. I played a bit more last night and went to bed with visions of all the cool new but still imaginary creations dancing around in my head. Woke up still feeling that ol' creative buzz and today is going to be official "Herb Bead Making Day" chez moi. If anybody else makes these I'd appreciate any input. Most of the older tutorials say use flour but I'm using a blend of flour and cornstarch...once they've dried they'll be buffed with a fine nail buffer to polish and then rubbed in a little bit of EO to match.

Anything else I should try or is it really that simple? I did manage to find Katie, an Etsy artisan(of course where else) creating gorgeous herb bead jewelry for inspiration - give her a look at Black Star's Shop. When I grow up I want to make beads like hers. Please email me or comment here and don't be afraid to pipe up and leave your two cents!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Your Kicks....

Benld Adopt-A-Pet will be at the
"Cruisin' Route 66" festival in Litchfield on
Friday, June 26 & Saturday, June 27th.
Visit their booth while you attend the bands,
foods, contests and of course... the great cars!
They will have lots of great "Rt. 66" and cat
and dog themed items for sale, in addition to
a raffle or two! All the proceeds benefit the shelter.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It was a fun weekend for all at the Litchfield EarthDay festivities and Jubelt's Strawberry Festival Days. Since our main website is still under construction, we have made a one page site that features our Etsy Shop in miniature. What a clever idea these Etsians had! Now you can shop my Etsy store either directly from OR from the actual Green Goddess website. It doesn't get an easier than this, folks.

So far again this year our most popular seller is our Honey soap. We've called it Fairy Nectar in the past, but we revamped it a bit this year and renamed it Wylde Honey. Running a close second is our Flower Face a lovely Ylang Ylang/Geranium esential blend. Third runner up is a fragranced soap--our GreenGreenGrass--oh my, what a fresh herbal clean scent!

We'll be listing many more soaps and other skincare items in our Etsy shop throughout this week so be sure to keep checking in on us!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big weekend coming up for May 16th & 17th!

Just a reminder about next week's Strawberry theme at Jubelt's where they will be grillin' out and have all sorts of strawberry yummies on sale...
and we'll be there with our soaps and of course the special Whipped Berry Soap pictured below too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Strawberry Festival at Jubelt's Bakery May 16th & 17th

Yes, Green Goddess will have a soap vending table at Jubelt's on Sat 5/16 and Sun 5/17 on Route 66 in Litchfield, as well as having a booth on Sat 5/16 at the Earth Day Event 2009 at the Litchfield Community Center!
We'll be featuring a special edition bar At the Earth Day Event, the proceeds of which will go to Adopt-A-Pet Shelter. The focus there will be on our Botanical Soap line, made with herbs, essential oils and plant extracts. Carrotseed Soap, TomatoBasil Soap. RoseHip Soap, Ginko Soap and more.

At Jubelt's we will be featuring our well-loved "Berry Delightful Whipped Soap", which is a dollop of whipped soap, filled with soap strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, and drizzled with strawberry soap syrup!! It's been by far the most popular soap we have ever made. Of course, we'll also feature a well-rounded selection of our Botanical, Vegan and assorted Fragranced soaps as well. If you're local, make sure to stop by one or the other or BOTH!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Missing old friends

Well folks, I finally broke down and got myself a Facebook page. So that means I'm on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo 360, Mobile texting and Google Blogger, as well as developing my GreenGoddess website. Guess you could say I'm connected enough for now. But there are so many friends I've lost touch with over the years, it's been difficult trying to find them all. Alas, I am shaking myself out of my reverie and back to the present where a lot of luxurious oils and butters are calling to me, telling me that I need to make them into some wonderful new soaps!
(this is an older post that has been edited to remove name content)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

May 16th Earth Day Festival in Litchfield

It's planned for a bit after Earth Day, but better late than not at all. The Green Goddess will have a vendor booth at the festivities at the Community Center in downtown Litchfield, IL on May 16th. Specific hours will be announced soon, but we expect to be there all day. LOTS of fun activities and events going on so be there to celebrate with us! We'll post a list of other businesses/activities that day as we find out more about them and what they have up their sleeves for this special day!
We have made up many new Spring soaps and other items, so be sure to stop by our booth! We're also creating a super-special Earth Day Soap and plan to donate a hefty portion of each bar's sale for our feline friends at our local Adopt A Pet Shelter. Drop us a line or give us a call if you have any questions or special requests. Happy Earthday :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blooming Magnolias and other Inspirational Signs of Spring

I just adore this time of year, when the magnolia trees start to blossom and you can smell the flowers instead of just the wet dirt. I have daffodils coming up in the front yard, and many new plants started in the house that are almost ready to be hardened off outside. Thankfully, my neighbor has a lilac bush, as I do not, and I'm looking forward to getting a sniffer full of that delicious odor. I'm having hubby upload this blog while I'm away, so I can get a pic of the pretty new Lilac soap up. Cheers to Spring everybody!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Enjoying the day with my hubby, relaxing after some Tai Chi, and having a vanilla coffee. I feel so good today that I just want to accomplish a million things before the aches & pains come back again! It's rough when you have so many things you want to do, but can't on any given day. With fibromyalgia you just never know how you're going to feel. Today I could make coffee and lift the pot without grimacing, so that's a good thing! We're going out for a nice walk in the springtime air- it got warm again today and it's making us feel frisky and energized.
Last night was so much fun- we all decided to put some color in our hair (temporary punky kind). Hubby has the nice straight silky Native American hair so I had to bleach the strands first and then we did a few dark blue streaks. He likes it. Son wanted so green but we didn't have any so we bleached his tips and did some blue, he rinsed early and it's more of a teal. Mine of course with hair that's blonde and will suck up any color willingly now has beautiful turquoise streaks. They will be fun and go well with my new spring turquoise skirts and tops.
I decided this is MY color this summer. It makes me feel pretty and feminine, and somehow brighter if you know what I mean.
One of my devious plans is to do some fantasy makeup and put on my fairy wings and take pics for my website so I can be the Green Fairy. Tee hee, now that will be a fun project! :)
I just finished splitting a bunch of Madagascar Vanilla Pods to make REAL vanilla extract. They will have to basically marinate in the alcohol for a couple of months before it's ready but once done it is absolutely the most AMAZING vanilla. I also add a bit of Agave syrup to sweeten, as it has a low glycemic impact. Wonderful stuff. This variety of vanilla pod is sweeter than some varieties and a little more perfumy and I'd like to achieve a deeper, richer flavor. If anybody else out there makes their own, please comment with your favorite types of vanilla pods please. If anyone needs a few of these vanilla pods, I do have quite a bit, so email me privately. My price is FAR less than the dried up pods you can find in the grocery stores (if you can find them) and the quality is a lot higher. These are nice and plump and bendy, not dried up. And if you have a different kind of vanilla, I'd be willing to trade with you.
Working on two custom orders, but ones that I need to restock anyway. Celtic Riverdance for men and Love's Mystic Spell. When we get home from our walk, I hope to begin a few more soaps that customers are wanting; after that I will continue work on my website.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ode to Jasmine

Green Jasmine Jewel in a bath most delightful, her petals unfurl in the wee evening hours into a wisp of ethereal aroma.
There is something mysterious and sensual about the soft persistence of jasmine. You catch a mere whisper outdoors on the night air and you almost want to chase it down, to breathe it in more deeply. That's the feeling I wanted to evoke with my Jasmine Jewel Soap. I initially wanted to make a soft green bar with wisps of white blossom swirls, but I went with yellow and green this time around and used my whisk to make 'blossoms' on the tops of the bars. Things may change on a whim, and I may do it differently next time. The creative process is the fun part of being a soapmaker.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Spring Soaps

Well I'm happy to say there are at least four of the new Spring Floral Soaps cured and I'm making more every couple of days. Ready to go are Jasmine Jewel, Lovely Lilac, Hummingbird Hibiscus, and Ume Blossom. Although these aren't classified as "all botanical" they each contain beneficial extracts and special ingredients. Lilac, Jasmine and Ume Blossom (Asian Plum Blosom) all have added Silk Protein; Hibiscus is formulated with Hibiscus-infused oils, and contains real Hibiscus Botanical Extract, and dried Hibiscus Petals.

More fun new soaps will be ready for sale in a week or two! Whipped Cream Soaps with assorted fruits embedded- don't have the new pics ready yet but to the left is a pic from a year or two ago when I was making the Berry Delicious Whipped Soaps. This time there will be more kinds- Peaches & Cream, Apple a la Mode, Strawberries & Cream, and Blackberry Vanilla. I might get around to making a few Banana Splits too, just for giggles.

Still hoping to have my website ready but I just can't devote as much time to it as I'd like and there are many more things I want to do with it before I consider it "ready". I'll post a few choices on the temporary page within the next day or so. My Roll In The Clover Soap with RedClover extract and Goatsmilk will be one of the first up.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Soaps

Today I'm decorating some Easter & Mother's Day soaps so they will be all ready for Spring. It's coming up fast! We will be featuring some pretty layered soaps in floral scents and several new Botanical creations as well.

For our local customers:
A few Valentine's Soaps were added to the temporary website front page GreenGoddess Herbals so that you may purchase them through the Paypal cart. They are the new Chocolate Truffles (in decorative container), Chocolate Covered Cherry Soap and our always-popular Very Vanilla Soap. Email us if you need additional soaps in other scents.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is it, my new "SoapLog"

Well a big helloo to everyone! I am getting things together slowly but surely. Now that the Patchouly Moon store is closed I've had a lot of restructuring to do throughout the year. We're back as an online presence only, but that suits me just fine. Despite the best of intentions, I simply cannot seem to achieve the vast array of daily accomplishments my peers seem more than capable of, as I eagerly check their Blogs and Tweets. No matter how many Red Bulls, Black Mambo Venom, Rock Star, Kronics, or Mtn Dew Amps I ingest. Maybe if I could come down off the ceiling once in a while I'd be able to work on that a little harder. Nevertheless, I am plodding away towards success as only a stubbornly determined Taurus can. With slowly-but-surely greener, and more natural focused products coming up, my product launch and humble little website debut is so close to completion now; actually the only things holding it up are my attempts to find the right kind of "product gallery" so that I can do a hover text effect with each item's description rather than having a person go to another page. Some carts have that, but I don't need a fancy cart setup, and I'm probably not terrible html/sql literate enough to muddle through a complicated one. I'm sure there's some kind of feature out there I just haven't stumbled across yet, so if any of you friends out there can help me out, please give a shout! I'm not a professional web designer, but I do love to muck my way through, bull-headed enough to see it's completion, so that I can say I accomplished it myself.


This year I decided to skip doing the soap roses and make something different.. So voila- I thought I'd show off my newest Valentine's Soap creations - Cream Soap-Filled & Cherry Chocolate Soap Truffles. They're packaged in beautifully ornate goddess motif gold tin. You get 4 truffles in each tin, 2 are cream-soap filled, and 2 have glycerin "maraschino cherry" centers. And there's a bonus soap candy in the center. They wouldn't be complete without a "Do Not Eat The Soap, No Matter How Good It Smells" emphatic warning inside. It's been known to happen. Not so much with children, but more often than one would think with unsuspecting spouses trying to sneak a quick bite. Even my own. Heck, especially my own. One of these days I should really make some actual chocolate truffles or choco dipped strawberries for the poor guy.

Dear customers, take note- I am working up a quickie page where you may purchase assorted seasonal & Valentine's Soaps while the website is being completed. Check back here for the link soon. I hope to have this up tonight.

There have been so many beautiful layered and textured soaps around lately that I am inspired to create a few variations on this myself. I always post photos as soon as they're cut, so stay tuned!