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Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Soaps

Today I'm decorating some Easter & Mother's Day soaps so they will be all ready for Spring. It's coming up fast! We will be featuring some pretty layered soaps in floral scents and several new Botanical creations as well.

For our local customers:
A few Valentine's Soaps were added to the temporary website front page GreenGoddess Herbals so that you may purchase them through the Paypal cart. They are the new Chocolate Truffles (in decorative container), Chocolate Covered Cherry Soap and our always-popular Very Vanilla Soap. Email us if you need additional soaps in other scents.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is it, my new "SoapLog"

Well a big helloo to everyone! I am getting things together slowly but surely. Now that the Patchouly Moon store is closed I've had a lot of restructuring to do throughout the year. We're back as an online presence only, but that suits me just fine. Despite the best of intentions, I simply cannot seem to achieve the vast array of daily accomplishments my peers seem more than capable of, as I eagerly check their Blogs and Tweets. No matter how many Red Bulls, Black Mambo Venom, Rock Star, Kronics, or Mtn Dew Amps I ingest. Maybe if I could come down off the ceiling once in a while I'd be able to work on that a little harder. Nevertheless, I am plodding away towards success as only a stubbornly determined Taurus can. With slowly-but-surely greener, and more natural focused products coming up, my product launch and humble little website debut is so close to completion now; actually the only things holding it up are my attempts to find the right kind of "product gallery" so that I can do a hover text effect with each item's description rather than having a person go to another page. Some carts have that, but I don't need a fancy cart setup, and I'm probably not terrible html/sql literate enough to muddle through a complicated one. I'm sure there's some kind of feature out there I just haven't stumbled across yet, so if any of you friends out there can help me out, please give a shout! I'm not a professional web designer, but I do love to muck my way through, bull-headed enough to see it's completion, so that I can say I accomplished it myself.


This year I decided to skip doing the soap roses and make something different.. So voila- I thought I'd show off my newest Valentine's Soap creations - Cream Soap-Filled & Cherry Chocolate Soap Truffles. They're packaged in beautifully ornate goddess motif gold tin. You get 4 truffles in each tin, 2 are cream-soap filled, and 2 have glycerin "maraschino cherry" centers. And there's a bonus soap candy in the center. They wouldn't be complete without a "Do Not Eat The Soap, No Matter How Good It Smells" emphatic warning inside. It's been known to happen. Not so much with children, but more often than one would think with unsuspecting spouses trying to sneak a quick bite. Even my own. Heck, especially my own. One of these days I should really make some actual chocolate truffles or choco dipped strawberries for the poor guy.

Dear customers, take note- I am working up a quickie page where you may purchase assorted seasonal & Valentine's Soaps while the website is being completed. Check back here for the link soon. I hope to have this up tonight.

There have been so many beautiful layered and textured soaps around lately that I am inspired to create a few variations on this myself. I always post photos as soon as they're cut, so stay tuned!