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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ode to Jasmine

Green Jasmine Jewel in a bath most delightful, her petals unfurl in the wee evening hours into a wisp of ethereal aroma.
There is something mysterious and sensual about the soft persistence of jasmine. You catch a mere whisper outdoors on the night air and you almost want to chase it down, to breathe it in more deeply. That's the feeling I wanted to evoke with my Jasmine Jewel Soap. I initially wanted to make a soft green bar with wisps of white blossom swirls, but I went with yellow and green this time around and used my whisk to make 'blossoms' on the tops of the bars. Things may change on a whim, and I may do it differently next time. The creative process is the fun part of being a soapmaker.

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  1. Love the page, I swore I would not do this but I am here!! :) The soap is wonderful!