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Friday, October 23, 2009

More Design fun, new Soaps, Crafty bliss!

I've been on yet another creative kick lately. Being sick has left me no choice but to sit with my laptop on the couch or in bed for hours, playing mostly with digital designs and honing my skills to work up to selling my designs at some point. I have such a blast working with PSP, I have Photoshop, but only on my desktop cpu and these days I seem to avoid that in favor of the trusty laptop that goes everywhere. I'm curious about other design programs, such as InDesign, so I'll be looking into that at some point. I'm sure to have a great time learning!

Soap has been on the back burner while ill, but I have plans to make some different cream soaps and I also need to get some richer winter skin creams ready as well. I have several new Winter themed soaps, and plan to make quite a few more batches this week. But, due to health constraints, I will only be doing one show in Nov and that will be the Litchfield Festival of the Trees. More about that even will be announced at a later date. I played last night with my Frostbitten soap pics (I plan to use these for holiday gifts) . I used a bunch of pretty elements from jtsDesigns Digital scrap collection, and I think I'm going to have to spend part of today making a Holiday soap album because this is so much fun to do. (thanks to and this wonderful designer

I have been so lax in taking pics of everything that alas, some of my prettiest soaps are gone and I'll have no visual record of them until I recreate them once again. LOL, that's like giving birth, so they will be back.

I had hoped that by this time I'd have my new soap biz launched and the whole new name and concept done, but after getting ill yet again, I decided to just sloooooow everything way down and just play. Now that I have taken all pressure off myself, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. The business can wait for me, and I'll get back into it at a later date. For now, I'll continue as always to make soaps and skincare for myself, family and friends and a couple of regular here and there.

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