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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011! The holidays are finally over (Whew!) and I can finish my Valentine soaps and move on to the Mother's Day projects so I don't get behind again.  I sold more gift basket sets than I ever anticipated I would, so going forward I'll definitely be making up more set each holiday to make sure I don't get caught with too few and have to scramble to make them up. It felt like every day was spent making up those baskets and little else for a few weeks!! I'm definitely not complaining though, but I do want to make sure that going forward, the local store I'm in locally (The Chandellier) stays fully stocked up with a nice assortment of products. 
Next week I plan on doing large numbers of dipped silk rose petal soaps all prettied up in fancy acetate boxes for Valentines, as well as the Soap Bon Bons that I did last year which were a big hit.

Cream filled Soap Bon Bons from 2010
Then it's on to the Liquid Soap Class we'll be holding for Soap_Makers Classes group, as well as more fragrance testing and more Valentines and Mother's Day brainstorming ideas for fresh new soapy ideas!!

News on the home front - the year is starting off great for us and it was nice to have John home for so many days in a row (for those who don't know, he's an over-the-road flatbed driver).  I'm also very excited and eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new sectional sofa which will be coming from the factory soon! Is new sofa smell as good as "new car smell"? I think probably a resounding YES!


  1. You probably won't remember me. I have ordered a couple times from you back in 2005 or so. I have moved from the East Coast to Oklahoma since and have been meaning to look you up to tell my friend on how to get your soaps. I had to go through my old emails, look up PatchoulyMoon soaps only to be led to Green Goddess then to Wild Sense. Found you! I don't make soap anymore but I sure still love to buy them. Your Brown Sugar soap is the best. In fact, it might horrify you but I still have some bars. They work just fine......5 years later! :)

  2. Wow! I just noticed this comment today- I don't know how I missed it before. Thanks so much for the great feedback. It's fantastic to know that my soaps hold up so well. Yes, I know I went through a few name changes but I'm sticking with this one.

    I'll be making more of that luscious Brown Sugar soap soon too. Check out my latest on Artfire (premier handmade goods online).

    If shipping is an issue, I can also hook you up with another great soapmaker in Oklahoma who makes candles and Liquid soaps too.