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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Custom rubber stamp

I'm getting a custom rubber stamp made to stamp all of my bag with. I found a great online site with lots of in stock stamps as well. Lots of nature oriented ones and foliage too!
<--Here's what mine will look like. so much to do last minute to get ready for the holiday events and packaging! I got it online here: Photobucket
Hope all of you other soapmakers out there have a great holiday season - I know I won't be hearing from many of you since you'll all be working events and markets on the weekends cutting and wrapping and decorating! Not too many more days until christmas... I refuse to do the countdown or I could send myself into a tailspin of stress!

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  1. Okay so the stamp arrived and it is everything I wanted! It's perfect in size and will be ideal for stamping my log on craft bags, boxes, gift set tags, etc. I highly recommend