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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aroma Bead tutorial

Woohoo! I finally figured out some of the glitches in uploading my videos so I will be posting several over the course of the next few days. The following video tutorial is a short video telling you how to use Aroma Beads from ((edited to change a couple of frames))


  1. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this so leave me a little comment if you can :)
    I know it's a bit choppy in parts but I'm still learning this video editing stuff...


  2. I apologize to those of you on my email list who got this blog post three times, since I had to go in today and edit it twice to make some changes. Oops, my bad. Tomorrow I'll be working on the Aroma Bead Ornament Tutorial as well as a CP Swirling video tut, so stay tuned! :)

  3. Thanks for doing this video, I am considering introducing these into my line!

  4. Great video! You are going to be a soap star! Really, your simple instructions and sweet demeanor are going to move lots crafters toward the world of bath and beauty and all scents wonderful!