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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your Personal choices are in danger! Take ACTION!

If you live in Colorado you have some looming legislation that comes up for discussion this coming Monday, March 1. This legislation, in a nutshell, to include formulators of organic or natural soap & cosmetics, will curtail your ability to operate. Additionally, should this legislation get passed, this legislation gives individuals in the state of Colorado the ability and license to sue any manufacturer of products that contain ingredients that quality for banning by the bill. March 1, this coming monday, is the day set aside for anyone to dispute this bill, submit arguments why it should not pass, or lobby for a more reasoned approach. If passed as is, Colorado citizens will be the enforcers not the state. Rewards upwards of $5,000 and $10,000 will ensure that the cosmetic products landscape in Colorado will be come the Wild Wild West, with attorneys being the greatest benefactor of this legislation. Enforcement will consist of simply suing the companies that are making products using ingredients that would qualify as banned. This includes MANY essential oils as well as many many perfectly safe cosmetic ingredients, cosmetic colors, etc.

Here is a shortlinks:
Cosmetic Design:

The Bill sponsors are using bad science, anecdotal evidence, and mass hysteria to give veracity and traction to the proposed bill. Lawmakers don't have to be genius's to get elected, and can propose legislation that is completely out of their depth of knowledge. As Thomas Jefferson said though, when govt does something that is so intolerable to cause harm to the people it is supposed to protect, it is not just our right to step in and work to stop it, but it is also our DUTY. The Personal Care Products Council will be there on March 1st to challenge and oppose this bill also.

I'm going to post info that both Colorado residents and non residents can use to contact legislators on this matter.

Contact info for you Colorado State Rep:
http://www.leg. us/Clics/CLICS2010A/csl.nsf/directory?openframeset
In case that wraps:

Betty Boyd is the Senate sponsor
Dianne Primavera is the House sponsor phone 303-866-4667
Dennis Apuan phone 303-866-3069
Karen Middleton phone 303-866-3911
Joe Miklosi Cap phone 303-866-2910

Link to the Bill in full

Link to follow and track changes are they are made: Toggle the selector at the top to the House Bills 1201 - 1250 and then scroll down to 1248

More links to learn more
Essential Wholesale blog:
Robert Tisserand :

In anycase, if you live in Colorado, I urge you to make your voice heard, and as loudly as you can. The rest of use can also voice our opposition based on the idea that if this sort of thing passes in one state, than other states have an easier time getting something similar passed there also.
(the above thanks to Kelly Bloom of Southern Soapers)

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  1. The links
    should work now, I fixed them; sorry about that. also there is an excellent article with link on Essential Wholesale's blog as well, by Kayla Fioraventi.
    This covers much much more than the IFRA bans at this point.